Hey, I’m Geiselle.

I’m a freelance B2C copywriter & content writer. Beauty & lifestyle are my thing.

Glad you stopped by. I’m no fortune-teller, but I know why you’re here. It’s one of 3 things: you’re into the greener lifestyle, you’re a socially-conscious business owner with an untold tale.

Or you’re curious.

Step into my kitchen. Hop on a countertop and sip a herbal tea (or glass of wine). I’ll serve up some deliciously cunning copy for you to share. After you take off your shoes. Cheeky.

Ever felt stuck with tired, crusty filler when talking about your brand? That’s where I come in, armed with coffee. And lotion.

I craft playfully unusual copy for Black-owned brands.

Blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts. I’ll re-write the pages of your brand’s story.

Black people are individuals. Obviously. But marketing fails to charm by trying to label us. Squished on a scale, between fierce ‘n’ hip, or chilled-out earth parent.

This is a cosy nook for those who dare to be different.

Be the orange font.

Let’s bring warmth and realness to natural beauty writing. My “thing” is hair products, but I write for companies out of the (hair) loop, too.

All business owners dream of lofty holy grail-dom. A good starting point? Reaching your people.

Copywriting: Web copy & Product Descriptions

Hypnotic copy flows naturally. Like breathing. Build trust and captivate your audience—shift your visitors into buyers.

Content writing – Blog posts 

From kitchen to E-store, guide your reader through your journey.

You’re on another level from the cold, same-y brands they pick up at their local hair shop:

  • Revel in your quirks
  • Seek your curl friends (or “audience”, if you’re feeling fancy)
  • Weave an active community for your supportive faves.

Together, we’ll give the world what they’ve been missing: you.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

Climb down from the counter, and click below to greet me.

“Working with Geiselle has been an absolute delight! Her copywriting skills are impeccable. She does her research and carries our brand voice in the blogs delivered. She’s also very timely! Most times, we get them before the due date. Highly recommend her!”

Philomina Kane, KIN Apparel Founder & CEO