Meet your writer, Geiselle. (That’s me.)

I’m a UK-born natural hair enthusiast, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Who’d have thought we exist outside London?

I keep my beady eyes on the pulse of natural, eco-friendly beauty products and the Black natural hair industry.

Hair products have always been a crucial part of my life. I ate a tub of hair gel as a toddler—I’ve been in love ever since. Joking (sort of).

Black and white photo of black woman with natural hair and arm tattoo. Helps readers get to know the writer

I’ve kept up with natural hair trends for over 10 years. The stories my old henna-stained bathroom could tell...

Along the way, I fell in love with plant-based, organic products. Top-to-toe sustainable pampering.

Growing up and living Black can be wild. And some experiences only other Black people can share solidarity with.

Hands up, who’s had a stranger paw at their hair? Keep them high if they were fresh out the toilet cubicle…

Relax. You’re in good company here.

Whether you’re a small business owner getting word out, or a large experienced company looking to step up your social game—no project is too small.

If your products are green, organic, eco-friendly…it’s time to put me on. All hair types, curls and kinks included, thrive with natural ingredients.

Nurture your brand, and the planet, all in one go.

But whatever you do, don’t stay snooping. Click below—let’s have a chat.